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  • In-House Testing Lab

    Only The Highest Purity

    Did you know that Ceretropic has an in-house testing lab, with equipment from Thermo Scientific and Agilent Technologies? Our dedicated analytical chemists ensure that every product we sell is the exact chemical structure stated, and the highest purity possible. We have an ISO clean room, and extremely stringent quality control processes. We work with Sigma Aldrich and USP for our reference standards. You can rest assured that your research will not be affected by incorrect or impure compounds.

  • Nootropic Solutions

    Includes Graduated Dropper

    Accurately Measure and Dispense Up to 1mL of Solution

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  • Nootropic Powders

    Browse our Selection of Nootropic Powders

    In-House Lab Tested for Purity and Identity

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  • Nootropic Sprays

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